iOS Music Links

Mobile music making websites

Websites that focus on the wonderful world of iOS/mobile music technology. Some of these are more active than others but there is some interesting material on all these sites.

Apptronica – A netlabel and digital magazine dedicated to iOS made music
iOS Musician
IDesignSound (now, unfortunately, closed for business)
Apps For Music Production
iOS Music & You (including an excellent Podcast)
iOS Music Org
SmiteMater Music
thesoundtestroom – YouTube channel with lots of iOS-related content
iOS Recording
Tarekith – blog covering all sorts of music tech issues including iOS
Touch Producer
iPad Music Apps
Pro Music Apps
Create Digital Music
Touch Music Podcast
iOS Beats
Music Apps (in Portuguese but translates OK in Google Chrome)
SynthPatcher – a site to connect musicans/share iOS synth patches
The iOS Musician Facebook page – a facebook group where like-minded iOS musicians can get social
iOS Musicians Forum – run by Jeff Pester and Conor Teahan, this new forum is designed to discuss all things iOS music.
Mobile Music Production – or momupro for short; an excellent mobile music making website.
oh… and the Music App Blog :-)

Music app developers and hardware manufacturers

A list of some of the key music app developers and hardware manufacturers that make products aimed at the mobile musician.

2beat – developer of the Oscilab app
4 Pockets Audio – developers of Aurora, Stompbox and Meteor apps
AffinityBlue – developers of the NodeBeat music creation app
Agile Partners – AmpKit, Guitar Toolkit and others
Amplify – home of Jonah Fox, the creator of Junglator.
Akai – developer of the SynthStation app amongst others and iOS compatible keyboards
Alesis – – manufacturer of iOS compatible music hardware including the IO Dock.
Alexandernaut – developer of Arpeggionome
Alex Matheu – developer behind the Sliver and Glitchbreaks apps
Alex Nadzharov – developer of the Phawuo mono synth for iPad
Algoriddim – developers of jday and vjay apps plus associated DJ hardware
Amidio – developer of the Futulele app and others
Anaphobia – home of Lars Rosenquist, the developer behind Anaphobia Mini and Anaphobia Destro
Anystone Technologies – developer of Anytune Pro HQ
apeSoft – developer of the iVCS3 and other iOS music apps
Apple – ah! Garageband ☺
Arturia – developer of the iMini and iSEM synth apps and the BeatStep MIDI controller
Asrodot – developer of the Drums app
Audanika – developer of the SoundPrism Pro advanced MIDI controller
Audeonic Apps – developers of the excellent MIDI Bridge and other apps
Audiobus – the developers of the essential Audiobus app and Loopy HD
AudioFile Engineering – FiRe 2 and Quiztones apps
Beep Street – developer of the Impaktor, Sunrizer and other apps
Billaboop Studio – developers behind the intriguing vidibox video/music mashup app
BirdSound – developer of the TempoTeacher and birdStepper music apps
Bismark – developer of the BS-16i app
Bit Shape Software – developer of TC-11 synth
Blue Mango – developer of the iFretless Bass, iFretless Guitar and iFretless Sax apps
Blip Interactive – NanoStudio :-) and there is an excellent forum here that discussions iOS music in general
Cakewalk – the developers of the Sonar DAW come to iOS with ScratchPad HD
Camel Audio – developer of Alchemy app
Chordbot – developers of the Chordbot songwriting tool app
CME – manufacturer of MIDI controller keyboards including the compact CME Xkey
Confusionists – developers behind the excellent MIDI Designer Pro app
Crudebyte – developers of Jack and other iOS music apps
db audioware – desktop music software developers who also make the Flying Haggis Guitar Amp for iPad
Dream Engine Interactive – developer of Praxis Beats
Elephantcandy – developers of iOS effects apps such as level.42, UltraPhaser and LiveFX
Erol Studios – developers of Erol Singer’s Studio app
Fiddlewax – developer behind the rather weird and wonderful blue and yellow apps
Fingerlab – developers of the brilliant DM1 drum machine app
Finger-Pro – developer of MoDrum and BassLine apps
Focusrite – manufacturer of iOS compatible music hardware
Franke Music – developers of the Stroke Machine app
Frozen Ape – developers of the Tempo metronome app amongst others
Futucraft – developers of the very interesting Cotracks music collaboration tool.
Gestrument – website for the Gestrument iOS music app from Jesper Nordin with help from Jonatan Liljedahl and Emelie Bergbohm
Glitchbreaks – developer Alex Matheu, the brains behind the Glitchbreaks and Sliver apps
Go Independent Records – developer of the Drum Loops HD and Percussion Loops HD audio drum loop apps
Griffin Technology – developer of hardware add ons aimed at the iOS musician
Groove App – surprisingly, the developers of the Groove! metronome app
Hand in Hand – UK distributor for products such as the CME Xkey and YouRock MIDI guitar
Harmonic Dog – developers of the Multitrack DAW app
HearEQ – home to developer Alexander Andrews of Ten Kettles, the developer behind the hearEQ app
Holderness Media – developers of the Echo Pad and Swoopster iOS effects apps
Hot Paw – developer of the Sing inTuna app
Igor Vasiliev – developer of the excellent Audio Mastering and MaserRecord apps
IK Multimedia – Amplitube, iGrand, SampleTank and others plus the full iRig range
Image Line – developers of FL Studio Mobile HD app
Incidental – developer of the Feed app
Intua – developers of BeatMaker 2
iOS MIDI – developers of MIDI Touch app
iSharp – developers behind the SongSheet song writing and cataloguing app
Itim Systems – website of Azfar Jafri, developer of the SoundFont Pro app
iZotope – no, not because they make iOS apps, but because they make excellent desktop software and provide free guides on mastering and mixing
Jam Origin – developer of the MIDI Guitar audio-to-MIDI conversion app.
Korg – iMS-20, iPolySix and other apps
Kymatica – devloper of the AUFX:Space app and others
Laurent Colson – developer of the excellent ChordPolyPad MIDI performance app
Liine – developers of Lemur app
Line 6 – various hardware including Mobile keys range, MIDI Mobiliser and Sonic Port
Leafcutter Studios – developer behind Guitar Gym, Gypsy Jazz and other guitar tutorial apps
Loopr – website for the Loopr app by developer Tristan Zand
Marinus Molengraft – developer behind the DrumPerfect virtual drummer app.
Mark Jeschke – developer of the DrumKick app
MIDI Designer – developers of the MIDI Designer Pro app
MiQ Ltd – developer of the Jamn app
MooCowMusic – developers behind the excellent Looptical loop-based recording app
Moog Music – developers of Animoog and Filtatron
MultitrackStudio – home of Giel Bremmers and the MultitrackStudio for iPad app (plus desktop versions)
MuseAmi – developers of the ImproVox vocal harmony/processing app
Native Instruments – developers of iMaschine and Traktor DJ
Neo-Soul Keys – developer of the Neo-Soul Keys electric piano app
Neyrinck – developer of V-Control Pro app
Novation – developers of Launchpad and Launchkey apps and associated hardware
n-Track Software – developers of the n-Track multitrack recorder app
Numark – manufacturers of iOS compatible DJ hardware
Olympia Noise Co. – developer of the Chordion app
Omenie – developer behind the Mellotronics M3000 and Sopranotron apps
One Red Dog – developers of Arctic Keys
Ovelin – developers of the GuitarTuna app
Overloud – developers of the THM plugin for Auria
Positive Grid – developers of the excellent JamUp Pro guitar amp sim app
Propellerhead – the home of Reason as well as Thor, Figure and ReBirth apps
Psicada – developers behind the rather intriguing Earhoof app
Qneo – developer of the excellent Voice Synth vocoder app.
Quicco Sound – developers of the interesting mi.1 wireless Bluetooth MIDI interface
Retronyms – developer of the Tabletop app
Rhism – developer of the rather wonderful Guitarism app
Samson – manufacturer of iOS compatible music hardware
Secret Base Design – VoxKit, MIDImorphosis, Apollo and other apps
Session Band – developers of the Session band app
Sequence Mediaworks – home of developer Amy Lee and the sBASSdrum app
Single Cell Software – developers of the Caustic music production app
Shiverware – developers of the Musix Pro MIDI controller app
Sonoma Wire Works – makers of GuitarJack2, RiffWorks and various iOS apps
Sonosaurus – developers behind the excellent ThumbJam and DrumJam apps
Sonus – developer of G2M app
SoundHound – developer of the SoundHound music search app
Steinberg – developers of the brilliant Cubasis and Loopmash HD apps (and Steinberg have an active Forum for their apps)
Subatomic Software – developers of Audulus app
Sugar Bytes – developers of Turnado and Thesys apps plus desktop music software
Sunsine Audio – developers of sound presets for various iOS synths
Synthetic Bits – developers of Funkbox drum machine app
Techné Media – developer behind the Different Drummer app for iPad
Tempo Rubato – developers of NLogSynth app
Tonally Awesome – developers of the Teuna tuner app
Tone Me – home of developer Cedric Sadowski and his Tone Me music theory app
Triqtraq – developers of the Triqtraq app
VirSyn – developers of Addictive Synth, iVoxel, Harmony Voice and others
Vocalize U – developer of the VocalizeU app for singers
Waldorf Music – developer of the excellent Nave synth app
WaveMachineLabs – creators of the awesome Auria (and the site includes an active Forum)
White Noise Audio – developers of the Genome MIDI Sequencer app
Wizdom Music – developers of Tachyon, Sample Wiz and other apps
Wolfgang Palm – developers of MiniMapper and WaveMapper apps
Xynthesizr – home to developer Yuri Turov and the rather excellent Xynthesizr sequencer/synthesizer app
Yamaha – everything including apps such a Mobile Music Sequencer and Synth Arp & Drum Pad
Yonac Software – developers of Magellan synth and the Galileo Organ app
Zivik – developers behind the Jamstik MIDI guitar system
zMors – home to Sven Braun and the zMors synth app for iPad

Other useful resources

Other, more general, music technology websites that also contain useful content for the mobile musician.

Sound On Sound – a great music technology resource, printed and online
Harmony Central – good music technology coverage
App Advice – all sorts of apps but includes music apps
Music Radar – online music resource that covers music apps also
MatrixSynth – all things synths
Synthtopia – all sorts of music technology related stuff
Sonic State – all sorts of music technology stuff including an excellent podcast